Relationship Coaching

By pwsadmin / March 27, 2019 /

Relationship Coaching is for couples that need help in brining back the intensity of the love they once felt for each other. Perhaps your you have relationship that is suffering. Remember when you first fell in love with your partner and how you felt? Only to find those feelings faded and you starting to feel…

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Goddess Coaching

By pwsadmin / July 8, 2019 / Comments Off on Goddess Coaching

Goddess Coaching specializes in working with single women. As a woman we face certain challenges such as work, home and family decisions. I am here to help you with any challenges and help you to become a more effective wife, lover, mother, etc. We will look at expanding the unit as well as exploring the…

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Sonja Ams Consulting

Life Coaching

By pwsadmin / July 8, 2019 / Comments Off on Life Coaching

Coaching is the process of assessing existing thoughts and emotions, observing behavioral and linguistic patterns, setting specific goals and discerning hidden saboteurs. Coaching is the act of empowerment. It is showing clients that they have the tools within themselves to be, do or have what they desire. Are you living your life to its fullest…

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Transform Your Body

By pwsadmin / July 8, 2019 / Comments Off on Transform Your Body

A great way to do self-care is through QiGong. Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing, and movement exercises. … Qi is a concept from traditional Chinese culture that means vital energy, information, breath or spirit while Gong refers to the cultivation. The sensation of touch is the…

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Transform Your Home

By pwsadmin / July 8, 2019 / Comments Off on Transform Your Home

The concept of a Wellness Home is based upon a comprehensive understanding that long-term health depends on many factors including environment, lifestyle, nutrition, and rejuvenation. It has its roots in the more global concept of the 5 pillars of health: healthy mind, body, family, society, and finances, whereby an optimal environment is created by addressing, and…

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Transformation In Action 

By pwsadmin / July 8, 2019 / Comments Off on Transformation In Action 

Transformation in Action will lead you on a journey from mediocrity to extraordinary success by teaching you to live consciously, improve your attitude, and enrich your life through the Law of Attraction. With the Five Pillars of Health as the structural framework: healthy mind, body, family, society, and finances, you will achieve the balance necessary…

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Transform Your Mind

By pwsadmin / August 3, 2019 / Comments Off on Transform Your Mind

“You are what you are and where you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change what you are and where you by changing what goes into your mind.” -Zig Ziglar The mind is a phenomenal tool that can create or destroy our dreams and goals. How we program our minds…

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Law Of Attraction

By pwsadmin / April 13, 2020 / Comments Off on Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is always replying to the vibration of our thoughts and we know this through our emotions. The emotions help you to know if you are creating something you want to experience or something you don’t want to experience. This is why concentrating on ‘how you are feeling,’ is more important than…

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