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5 Pillars of Health

Sonja Ams Consulting
Leading a Balanced Life

We are bombarded daily with demands of life including a busy schedule, the demands of work, inadequate family or personal time, not enough rest, and environmental challenges. These lacks and pressures can result in a disturbance of our natural equilibrium when thrown out of balance. More than 30 years ago, Nikken founder Isamu Masuda recognized this imbalance, therefore, he felt that wellness depended on recognizing and sustaining what he named the 5 Pillars of Health® — Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances. Leading a balanced life strengthens each of these pillars, and results in a more satisfying, healthy and rewarding lifestyle.
Nikken offers you the means to attain this balance, through the Nikken Wellness Home and the Nikken business opportunity.

Healthy Body

A healthy body requires exercise, good nutrition as well as protection from environmental factors. Many people will spend the first half of their life expending their health to gain wealth, only to spend their wealth trying to regain their health! The healthiest environment includes clean air; pure, energetic water; pure, organic nutrition; deep, regenerative sleep, and a regular exercise program. Nikken’s leading-edge technologies have been the cornerstone of providing thousands of people with great physical health for over 35 years. The Nikken products help you live a longer, better and fulfilled life. Having a healthy body is priceless!

Healthy Mind

Our minds are an amazing tool! What we think determines our success. Most people suffer ‘lack’ versus ‘prosperity’ due to their thinking. When a person is in balance, the mind can be more open to enjoy all the blessings in all areas of his/her life.

Healthy Society

Have you ever done something for someone, great or small, and felt even better than the person on the receiving end? Giving back to society is vital for living a meaningful and fulfilling life. When we see ourselves as “more”, we can be “more” to others in society. As humans 'Being More,' we can improve ourselves, thereby, allowing to give more of ourselves to others in need.

Healthy Finances

Finances are a major vital element in the wellness home. When the finances are effected, then everything is effected. Many people work around the clock only to jeopardize their family time and their health. They spend most of their lives working, usually too hard and for too many hours, just to make more money.


Sonja Ams Consulting

“Sonja, I must admit that when you first started consulting with me and educating me on the Nikken products and their capabilities, I was a bit skeptical to say the least. I want to first tell you how impressed I was with your consultative approach, as opposed to a direct sales pitch. I recommend that anyone experiencing any kind of back, neck, or leg discomfort certainly take a small bit of time out of their schedule to let you educate and teach them how Nikken can change their lives.

My motivation and interest in learning about the benefits of Nikken products goes back over a period of the last 14 years. As I am now almost 40 years old, I am even more concerned and focused on my personal health. Fourteen years ago I herniated two discs in my lower back in an accident. Since that time I have experienced physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, spinal injections, and more.

Nothing I have done, including regular exercise and stretching, has been able to eliminate the deep, dull, lower back discomfort that I have lived with in between additional experiences of re-aggravating my bulging discs over the years. Being a very physically active person, it has been a constant priority in my life to avoid back surgery, and implement solutions into my life to maintain my physical abilities.

Luckily I met Sonja. After consulting with me for a period of several weeks, always providing me answers to my questions, and continuing to provide me the information I wanted, I decided to try both the Magsteps insoles and the Beck Flex pad. Over the first few days I had mixed results with each of the products. The Magsteps took me until day 3 for my feet to adjust to the feel. I have very sensitive feet. On day 3 I could noticeably feel less discomfort in my feet, as well as additional strength in my legs. I am even now running 2 to 3 times a week with them on, and feel much less discomfort in my feet and legs while running, as well as more strength when I do run. With the back pad that I wear across my lower back I did not see any noticeable results until day 5. In fact I had spoken to you on the third day and told you I was not experiencing any changes at that point. Remarkably I started to experience a drastic change on the morning of day 5 wearing the product. I can clearly remember that all of the sudden I no longer had that deep, lingering discomfort in my lower back that I have grown to tolerate over the years. I am wearing the pad most days the entire time I am awake, other than showering, and while I am sleeping. I have even eliminated the stiffness I used to have every morning when I got out of bed.

To say I am pleased with these products is a complete understatement. I am astonished with the results that the

Nikken products have provided me, and am now looking into sleep system for the future as well. I can not thank you

and Nikken enough for introducing me to your products.”


Cody M. Goff

Sonja Ams Consulting

"Sonja, My experience with the Nikken Magstep insoles has been more than surprising. Back in 2004 I had emergency back surgery due to 2 bulging discs in my lower back. The best educated analysis was that I had injured my back in a car accident when I was four years old, and that over time my condition had gotten worse causing my discomfort. Since having surgery I have experienced massage, chiropractic, and physical therapy. To date I have been able to avoid any serious reoccurring discomfort, but have had both circulation and sensory issues with my left leg, assumed to be nerve damage from my bulging discs.

I was a little skeptical when my husband started telling me about the Magstep insoles, and was glad I finally got a chance to speak with you about the product. When I first tried them I did not see much of a result of any kind. I am a dental hygienist and spend most of my work day sitting next to my patients, and therefore do not spend a lot of time on my feet during work. But, after wearing the insoles for a full week I experienced a feeling I had not had in several years. First, my foot felt energized and it was actually perspiring. Second, the back of my calf and rear thigh also felt more energized, giving me more sensory feeling. This is something I have felt in a long time.

I certainly cannot guarantee that someone else’s results will be exactly the same as mine, but I can absolutely recommend that anyone experiencing any kind of numbness or circulation issues in their legs and feet should give serious consideration to the Magstep insoles. Thank you again for introducing me to Nikken and the capabilities of all of their products.”


Deanna Goff

Sonja Ams Consulting

“I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and my joints are always in pain, chronic pain. I started getting the Nikken products and my discomfort has gone down considerably. I use the Magnetic insoles in my shoes, I use the Sleep system at night, I drink water from the PiMag waterfall system. I have also noticed that at the end of the day my hands and feet are not swollen.”

Thanks Sonja for helping me get Healthy…

Michele Krogman