Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is always replying to the vibration of our thoughts and we know this through our emotions. The emotions help you to know if you are creating something you want to experience or something you don’t want to experience. This is why concentrating on ‘how you are feeling,’ is more important than being fearful of having the wrong thoughts. In this case, it is that ‘fear,’ that brings more unwanted experiences to you. 

So, we must think with emotion what we want. When we think of ‘what is’ or our current reality, we are giving focus to, ‘what is’ and therefore attract more of those situations into our lives. In order to change a situation, we MUST change our thoughts and not only the thoughts but the feelings we have toward the situation. This will bring us in alignment with what we actually want and when we are in alignment with our thoughts and feelings, we attract those things we are desiring.