Sonja Ams Consulting

Life Coaching

By pwsadmin / July 8, 2019 / Comments Off on Life Coaching

Coaching is the process of assessing existing thoughts and emotions, observing behavioral and linguistic patterns, setting specific goals and discerning hidden saboteurs. Coaching is the act of empowerment. It is showing clients that they have the tools within themselves to be, do or have what they desire. Are you living your life to its fullest…

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Goddess Coaching

By pwsadmin / July 8, 2019 / Comments Off on Goddess Coaching

Goddess Coaching specializes in working with single women. As a woman we face certain challenges such as work, home and family decisions. I am here to help you with any challenges and help you to become a more effective wife, lover, mother, etc. We will look at expanding the unit as well as exploring the…

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Relationship Coaching

By pwsadmin / March 27, 2019 /

Relationship Coaching is for couples that need help in brining back the intensity of the love they once felt for each other. Perhaps your you have relationship that is suffering. Remember when you first fell in love with your partner and how you felt? Only to find those feelings faded and you starting to feel…

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